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Start your garment-making adventure here by learning to sew your own pair of leggings! In this 3.5 hour class, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of design and construction when it comes to sewing with knits; such as working with paper patterns, choosing fabrics, and getting familiar with a serger sewing machine. Meant for students of any skill level, but especially for beginners, who are interested in getting into making their own knit clothing. This is a size inclusive and gender spectrum inclusive class.

Natural Dyes - Local Plants

In this workshop we will be dying fabric samples with plants found in our own backyard! Focusing on black walnut and other abundant wild dye plants, we will learn the basics of naturally dying textiles. Supplies are provides, but you will need a few small pieces of fabric/textiles to work with.

Sep 10
Slow Fashion: Handstitched T Shirt
Sep 16
Button Down Shirt Class