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Event Details

Community Clothing Swap and BYOB Social at Village Fabric Shop

When: Mar 19, 2023
From 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Where: Village Fabric Shop
Contact: (336) 893-8516
Community Clothing Swap and BYOB Social at Village Fabric Shop
4:00-6:00 pm on Sunday, March 19th

We love making clothes and we also love sharing clothes! Spring is here and we find it's a great time to clean out your closet. Make a list of items you need, keep the things you love, and bring those pieces that aren’t working for you anymore to the clothing swap! Clothing swaps are a great option to reduce waste and be inspired with fresh looks. Plus, they’re a great way to bring the community together and spend time with friends, old and new!

BYOB and social- T
his is a swap and a social! Feel free to bring a beverage if you’d like. We will have ice and cups. 

This swap is for adults. The majority of our customers and followers are women, so we are expecting the majority of the clothing to be a more feminine style.  If you’re interested in helping us host a masculine style swap let us know! 

You can start bring your cloths in now! If you can't make it to the swap but have things you want to contribute you can drop them off at the shop before hand when we are open. Please see notes below on quantity and quality.

The fine print 

  1. BRING CLOTHES that you no longer want – keep it to about 15 items, and see note about quality, below. For this one we are just going clothes, no accessories. You can drop off cloths anytime the shop is open before the 10th or just bring them with you on the 10th. 

  2. BRING QUALITY, well-maintained items (no stains, tears, pilling, broken, etc.) – things that you would want to receive if it was new-to-you. We are not collecting clothing for donation, but we will donate items not chosen by anyone in the group at the end of the night. Remember quality over quantity.

  3. BRING A BAG to designate items you've claimed, and wear something that’s easy to change in and out of. We don’t have a lot of private space, besides our small bathroom, so we recommend wearing things that allow you to try on clothes over what you’re wearing.

  4. From 4:00-4:30, we’ll sort everything into a variety of categories. Please be ready to help sort items as they arrive!

  5. At 4:30 , we'll have some quick announcements and the swapping will commence! No limits on how much you can take, but please take only what sparks joy and actually fits you or you can alter. It helps to ask a fellow swapper for their opinion if you’re unsure about how something looks.

  6. After the swap, we'll donate all leftover items to a non-profit organization.