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Sewing and the City The Bleeker Sweatshirt Paper Pattern

UPC: 789091028369

The Bleeker Sweatshirt is a loose fitting pull over sweatshirt with a dropped shoulder "and" ruffle details along "the" sleeves. The edgy basic!


Sewing and the City The Ludlow Romper Paper Pattern

UPC: 789091028383

The Ludlow is an easy fitting one piece romper that comes in two pant lengths with a button placket closure down "the" front, a cool st"and"up collar, winged sleeves, side seam pockets, "and" a matching tie belt to cinch "the" waist.


Sewing and the City The Essex Dress Paper Pattern

UPC: 789091028338

The Essex is an easy fitting, pull-over dress with a v-neck, ga"the"red shoulders with ruffle or puff sleeves, an elastic waist with side-seam pockets "and" above "the" knee hem.


Atelier Brunette Le Sac Banane- Paper Sewing Pattern

UPC: 3220221000055

The IT bag is back! Blast to "the" past with a return to "the" 1990's "and" sweet memories of how things were back in "the" day. This bag will take care of all your essentials: keys, h"and" cream, lip balm, your favorite book (to name just a few)


Merchant & Mills City Grey Jacquard Wool

An Italian wool coating with a very subtle damask jacquard weave. Perfect for coat making. 100% wool.


Kylie and the Machine The Sweary Sewist 3.0 Labels
by kylie and the machine

The Sweary Sewist 3.0 is a limited edition multipack containing some very sweary labels! PLUS one in three chances of scoring a bonus sweary label.


Kylie and the Machine Comfy Labels
by kylie and the machine

10 labels with a baby blue background "and" multicoloured text.


Kylie and the Machine Wear the Shit Outta Me Labels
by kylie and the machine

Wear "the" shit outta me is a good reminder to, in fact, wear "the" shit outta of your fav garments! 10 cotton labels in cream with black screen printed ink.


Kylie and the Machine Denim Jacket Kits

Use "the" KATM denim hardware kit to complete your denim jacket projects!