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Reintroducing Village Fabric Shop

Hello and Welcome!

We are thrilled to be reopening the Village Fabric Shop. Located in the historic Reynolda Village in Winston Salem, North Carolina the Village team is ready to launch the next exciting chapter of the Shop, and we need your help.

Open as a fabric and craft shop since 2009, it has been a wonderful experience to befriend the former owners Elizabeth and Heather and continue the fabric shop legacy, passing the space down from one textile advocate to another. For those of you who already love to shop, we are excited to continue to carry your favorite quilting fabrics, classes, and craft essentials.

The Village Fabric Shop has been a staple at Reynolda Village since 2009.

We want to create a space where everyone is welcome and empowered to create in their own way. Village Fabric Shop is dedicated to environmental stewardship, social responsibility and community development. We will support the preservation and practice of textile and craft traditions through our brick and mortar and online shop, classes and events, and community textile resources. 

Village Fabric Shop envisions a world where crafters can make enduring societal change through textiles. We live in a world where textiles touch justice, poverty, the environment, and identity. We empower our community through materials, resources, and knowledge sharing.

What’s new?

  •  Environmentally Responsible Fabrics

In addition to your village fabric shop favorites, we are shifting the lens to include  a large selection of environmentally responsible fabrics, and ethically sourced textiles. We want to supply you with hard to find fabrics that are well made and have a transparent production cycle. Environmental stewardship takes many forms and we are willing advocates for the many expressions of sustainable crafting.

We care about U.S. made fabrics and want to support local mills. Pictured is TS designs, a producer of organic cotton Knit fabric located in our home state of North Carolina

  •  Apparel Fabric

The ‘me made’ movement of making clothes and accessories is stronger than ever. We are happy to introduce a wide range of apparel fabrics and patterns for making your own one-of-kind shirts, bags, dresses, jeans, clutches, you name it, you can make it. 

Kelsey's me made Pendleton wool coat with naturally dyed silk lining

  •  Natural Dye Supplies

Kelsey and Nicole love natural color and we are happy to source and curate a robust natural dye collection complete with locally grown natural dyes, and some of the finest from around the world. We will have a comprehensive selection of mordants, dyes and all other elements needed to practice the craft.

  •  Classes and Craft Community

The Village Fabric shop will inspire you to dip your toe into a new hobby, or to make your wildest maker vision a reality. To expand your skills and build your community, you can sign up for adult classes beginner through advanced and enroll your little ones in kids’ classes and summer camps. Our class list is still under construction, and we want your creative input as we build our 2021-2022 class season.

  •  Craft Reuse Space

In the back nook of the shop we will carry gently used crafting tools, notions, patterns, and vintage fabrics. Reuse is an important step in creating a zero waste crafting culture.

Our Heroes & Brands You Can Expect To See

With all our empty shelves it can be hard to imagine the amazing collection of fabrics and craft supplies we will carry. We have made a list of some shops we love, brands we respect, and designers we swoon over, and we also want your help in making our choices! If you give to our Kickstarter you will be invited to a survey that will help us determine what our first choice purchases will be!

Vadialla Mills | Blackbird Fabrics  | Cozy Blue Handmade | Klum House | The Oriole Mill | June Bug and Darlin | Closet Core Patterns | Stone Mountain & Daughter Fabrics | Atelier Brunette  | Ruby Star Society  | Birch Organic Fabrics  | LDH Scissors | Valdani 

Fancy Tiger Crafts
Maiwa Natural Dye Supply
The Cloth House
Merchant & Mills

We need you!

Help us fill the shelves! 100% of the proceeds from the Kickstarter will go to purchasing the stock we need to open our doors.

The inventory needed for our shop runs between $15,000 to $20,000. We have set an attainable goal of $7,500 but would be thrilled to go higher.

We have amazing rewards for giving!

For those of you who want to take classes or buy fabric, kits, and patterns, you can get gift certificates and classes as rewards (plus we’ll throw in some cool perks, like Nicole and Kelsey's creative crafting spotify playlist. )

For others who aren’t textile crafters (yet!) we are offering handmade masks and indigo-dyed cloth napkins, and other pre-made gifts as your reward for contributing.

Indigo Dyed Napkin

We have something for everyone, not to mention the very awesome, limited edition custom embroidery kits that are available only during our kickstarter, so giddy up and give!

Enjoy amazing rewards for giving, these are custom embroidery kits, only available through our Kickstarter. The supply is limited, so jump on board!

T H A N K    Y O U !!!

Music in video: Heartland Flyer by Blue Dot Sessions

Risks and challenges

We're in the middle of a pandemic and owning a small business is always risky. We believe in a local craft economy and that it creates a better community for all. Our shop will fill a niche that big box stores and online shopping cannot compete with. Starting from a blank slate, a challenge is making sure we are filling our shelves with things that you want. We are sending a survey to everyone who participate in the kickstarter to share your dreams of what our shop can offer. The pandemic poses a lot of delays in production and shipping of inventory. While we have done our best to give you realistic timelines in this kickstarter, there is a lot out of our control. We ask for patiences and support in fulfilling your dreams for the shop!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to pay before the class?
Payment is required to reserve a spot in a class and is due in full at time of registration

What if I need to cancel?
If you need to cancel we ask that you let us know at least 48 hours in advance. If you cancel within 48 hours we will hold your class fee to be used for a future class. We cannot issue you a refund with less than 48 hours notice. If you need to cancel or switch a date before 48 hours of the class please email or give us a call and we will be happy to help!

What if Village Fabric cancels the class?
If we need to cancel a class due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, we will reschedule if possible, or refund your class fee in full.

Supplies and Tools

Do you provide sewing machines?
Please see class descriptions to see if you need a sewing machine. We have a number of machines at the shop you can reserve for class if you need or you can bring your own. Please make sure your machine is functional and in good working order before signing up for a class. Give us a call or email if you need to reserve a sewing machine for a class so we can have it ready for you. 

What if I don't have all the required materials?
If the class requires you to bring materials not included in the cost, we are happy to assist you in selecting the best options in our store for what you want to make. During the duration of your class you will receive a 10% discount on all shop items.

What if I get hurt?
Please be aware that in our classes you may use tools such as irons, sewing machines, needles, scissors, and rotary cutters. The use of these tools carry the risk of injury and Village Fabric Shop, its instructors, or employees will not be held liable for any accidents that may arise as a result of you or your child’s participation in our classes. We do have a first aid kit on premise in case of minor burns, scrapes, or cuts.