Organic Corduroy Nicky Navy Blue
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Organic Corduroy Nicky Navy Blue

When many think of corduroy, they immediately picture the rough, tough fabric from their childhood days. However, Stoffonkel's BIO-CORDNICKY is the complete opposite. It's soft, warm, slightly stretchy, and extremely cuddly! With this high-quality organic fabric, versatile sewing ideas can be brought to life - whether by sewing professionals or beginners. BIO-CORDNICKY is a breeze to sew. Thanks to its special knitting method, Nicky is slightly stretchy, creating approximately 4 mm wide ribs, which give it the unmistakable corduroy look.

The high-quality organic fabric is suitable for very versatile sewing projects: dresses, sweaters, trousers, skirts, hoodies, cardigans, rompers, baby trousers, hats and much more!

100% Organic cotton
165 cm | 65 in wide 
275 g/m²