Stony Creek Colors Natural Indigo Dye, US Grown Powder
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Stony Creek Colors Natural Indigo Dye, US Grown Powder

Size: 200g

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This is powdered natural indigo from Persicaria tinctoria and Indigoferas, extracted from plants grown at Stoney Creek Color's Tennessee farms!  Our natural indigo has been featured on Martha Stewart Living and is used by fabulous natural dyers across the country! Use to dye incredible and beautiful blue colors.

This batch of our natural Indigo powder is approximate 25% indigotin and 2-4% indirubin (the good blue and blue-red stuff!) content. Our Tennessee grown natural indigo powder goes into solution very easily and produces lovely blues on cotton, silk, wool and other fabrics. 

For regular dyers, we recommend the fermentation vat as explained in Jim Liles' book "The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing." For dyeing dark blues on cotton and other cellulose fibers, we like the ferrous (iron) vat.  Stony Creek Colors' suggested Ferrous Indigo vat recipe for Cotton.  

Thank you for supporting our work to revitalize this once prominent agricultural crop and provide an alternative not only to tobacco growers in Tennessee but an alternative to the imported synthetic indigo used by many indigo dyers.