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Mendocino Hemp PFD

100% HEMP Prepared for Dye White 
Width: 55'' wide
Weight: 3.39 oz. per square yard.
Machine Wash cold with alike colors, tumble dry medium. 

What makes Hemp an excellent fiber for textiles:

Considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly fibers, hemp is naturally resistant to pests, requires relatively little water, and grows quickly. Hemp is a “sister plant,” meaning it replenishes the soil for the crops around it and is ideal for crop rotation. Hemp feels like a new linen, softening with each wash and wear. Like linen, hemp moves easily with the body, is breathable and easy to wear across different seasons. Hemp wrinkles less and softens quickly with each wash and wear.  Hemp growing and cultivation has minimal environmental impacts – and can even be beneficial.
Key Hemp Sustainability and Performance Aspects:

  • Hemp is a renewable fiber that grows extremely quickly and heartily in a variety of climates
  • Hemp does not require the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers to grow. In fact, it grows so quickly it is known to smother weeds.
  • Hemp requires little water and usually no extra irrigation is required.
  • Hemp can have a beneficial effect on soil by replenishing vital nutrients. In some areas, it is being grown on land to extract such pollutants as zinc and mercury from the soil. Its root system minimizes soil erosion. It can be planted repeatedly on the same land, and is often used as a “rotation crop” to heal the soil between growing other crops.
  • Hemp produces 250% more fiber than cotton and 600% more fiber than flax on the same land, and has the highest yield per acre of any natural fiber.
  • Hemp is one of the strongest and most durable of all natural textile fibers. With limited elasticity, it stretches less than other fibers.
  • Hemp progressively softens: You could say it gets better with age! The more hemp is used, the softer it gets.
  • Hemp is resistant to UV light, mold, mildew and possesses anti-bacterial properties
  • Hemp is highly absorbent, making it easy to dye and a good canvas for natural dyes.
  • Like linen, hemp has excellent thermo-regulating properties, ideal for keeping cool in warm weather or warm in cool weather.
  • Hemp can be machine washed and dried. It wrinkles less than linen and requires less ironing.
  • Hemp is very similar to flax in appearance. Hemp fibers can be 3 to 15 feet long.