Merchant & Mills The Fielder Pattern Size 20-28
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Merchant & Mills The Fielder Pattern Size 20-28

There are 3 options in this pattern, dress, top with scoop neckline with ribbing on the bottom, or crew neck top with no ribbing at the bottom.

It is based on a traditional sweatshirt, ideal for using with laundered linen and matching cotton rib.

Skill level; Advanced Beginner

Pocket bags can be cut in self or lining fabric. You will need 20 – 30cm of seam tape, stay tape or a short length of selvedge edge from a fine fabric, approx. 5mm wide.

We used a cotton elastane 2 x 2 cuffing rib which stretches by half again. Always check rib stretch on a 10cm measurement. If it stretches to less than 15cm’s, cut with a generous seam allowance (5cm’s) then pin, tack and try on.

The Fielder Dress is made from Knapsack linen with Pilot rib, in size 28.

Our blue Fielder dress is made from Tencel Denim.



Top with Rib without nap, in cm

Top with Rib with nap, in cm

Dress without nap, in cm

Dress with nap, in cm

Crew neck top without nap, in cm

Crew neck top with nap, in cm

Ribbing requirements, in cm