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Atelier Brunette Le Sac Banane- Paper Sewing Pattern

The IT bag is back!

Blast to the past with a return to the 1990's and sweet memories of how things were back in the day. This bag will take care of all your essentials: keys, hand cream, lip balm, your favorite book (to name just a few)...
LE Sac Banane bag is made to resist time, prolong your style and be your faithful companion.
Have fun customising your bag to suit your personal taste! Fall in love with your original bag and share its feel good mood in the city or countryside.
Whether color block or monochrome, Gabardine or Corduroy, at Atelier Brunette you can choose your style!

A resistant, 307 g/m2, kraft paper case.
An 80 x 120 sheet printed on both sides with a QR Code* guiding you to the illustrated instruction booklet in PDF format
An instruction booklet in FR/EN
A rectangular woven label Night

Dimensions:  40 cm x 24 cm

The advantages of LE Sac Banane:
An oversized and nicely rounded form
Delicate cutouts to play with colors
Lined for an irresistible shape
A large kangaroo pocket with press buttons
An adjustable strap for all sizes
A back zipper pocket to hide your secrets
A double slider zipper for an elegant touch

The essential accessories to bring it to life!

Fabric and lining
A 110 cm polycotton strap                                     
A 40 cm double slider closure and a 20 cm zipper
A set of adjustment buckles
Two metal snap buttons

Level: 3/5
Seam allowances are included.

Notions (depending on version): interfacing

Fabric Requirements: 

Minimum width: 140 cm

   Fabric 1
  Lining  Interfacing  Fabric 2
 Fabric 3
 Solid Version
       50       30            10         0        0
 Bicolor Version
       50       30            10        30        0
 Tricolor Version
       30       30            10        30       30