Village Fabric Reuse Shop
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We believe in Ecological Responsibility and one way we show that is our reuse space. One the most sustainable ways to craft is to reuse materials. The textile industry is the second largest polluter on the planet, and our reuse space helps keep usable materials out of the landfill, and provides affordable, sustainable options for artists, makers, sewists, or anyone looking to create! 

We accept quality, awesome fabric and craft items to be curated and sold for reuse. 

How does the reuse space work? 

It’s easy as pie, you drop off your overstock, unloved, excess stash of goodies to the shop, see below for a list of what goodies we are currently accepting. We review your items within two weeks and give store credit to your account. We only offer store credit for items, no cash. We issue 50% of our selling price in store credit. If you’d rather donate your items and not participate in the store credit program, that’s fine too! We love donations and we will ensure that they find a good home.

We source our Reuse inventory from trade ins, donations, estate sales, thrift, and garment industry deadstock. 

What about the scraps?

For fabric scraps that are still usable but small, we have some scrap baskets. Anytime you bring something to donate to the reuse store, you can take some scraps. Also If you are purchasing other things from the reuse, you can throw in some scraps. If you only want scraps we have bags you can fill for a $1. 



How do you choose items to accept for your reuse space? 

We accept items based on:

  • what we have in stock 
  • quality of fiber content
  • viability for resale
  • crafting trends
  • customer requests
  • seasonality

Can I shop the reuse store online? 

At this time we only have in person shopping for the reuse space.

Can I return an item? 

Everything in the reuse space is sold as is. You cannot return items. 

We are currently accepting: 

  • Fabric Cuts of ½ yard or more 
  • Quilt Rulers 
  • Full skeins of embroidery thread
  • Buttons sets
  • Buckles and hardware
  • Unused sewing needles 
  • Zippers 
  • Skeins of natural fiber yarn
  • Trims
  • Sewing tools
  • Weaving supplies
  • Notions
  • Gently used textile books
  • Cutting mats 
  • Leather scraps 
  • Cords, rope
  • Rotary cutter handles
  • Embroidery hoops
  • Wool felt
  • Felting needles
  • Cross stitch kits 
  • Quilting frames 
  • We do NOT accept polar fleece or upholstery fabrics.


  1. Your textiles and reuse items should be clean and in good condition. 

  2. All fabrics and textiles must come from a smoke free environment

  3. We typically issue store credit for current styles, trends, and notions.

  4. We do not accept broken, dirty or unusable items. 

  5. Please limit your items to one bag or one box at a time.

In addition to the choice items listed above we accept donations of: 

Fabric scraps 

Used thread spools and skeins of embroidery floss



We are open to doing commission on larger or more expensive items like machines. Please contact us if you are interested. Our commission rate is 60% to consignor 40% to consignee.