Welcome Quilt
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A community made, embroidered quilt to support new Afghan Refugees to the Triad. 

Together, we raised 


to support new Afghan Refugees 




  1. The Quilt will hang in Village Fabric Shop November 13th-November 21st. 

  2. The opening bid will start at $400. 

  3. Bid increments are $25 or more.

  4. You can bid on the Quilt in the following ways:

    •  Instagram or Facebook direct message @villagefabricshop

    •  336-893-8516

    • In person at the Shop 

  5. However you bid please include your contact information, name, and phone or email.  

  6. Maximum bids will be raised in the order that we receive them. 

  7. The bidding will close on November 21st at 7:00PM EST. 

  8. If you wish to bid anonymously please let us know at the time of your bid. 

  9. We will update the current bid on our website everyday by 6:00PM EST. We will post periodic updates on social media. 

  10. Payment Terms: If you are the winning bidder, you agree to pay the full amount of your winning bid.

  11. The funds being raised are to support new Afghan refugees coming into the Triad, bid generously! All funds will be donated to CWS Greensboro. 


This quilt was created by 21 community members, of all ages and genders with the theme of ‘Welcome.’ It has over 100 hours of loving work put into it. It serves as a reminder of this brutal, international struggle, and as a marker of hope to welcome people into your life and open your arms and hearts when people need it the most. In our lives, gifted quilts often mark important life events like new babies, weddings, and, in this case, welcoming new immigrants into our community. Quilts keep you warm, they are an item of comfort. They exist in every culture, throughout time and serve as a symbol of common humanity. We hope this Welcome Quilt represents the ways we can come together in solidarity to uplift humanity and see people as individuals. This quilt makes tangible the dreams and desires to welcome and comfort people and brings home the far away crisis that we may feel powerless over. The Welcome Quilt is a universal gesture of empathy and openness.




Alizandra Yanus 

Brittany Kenyon Flatt 

Carrie Hauser, Lovebug Longarming 

Emily Ortiz Badalamente

Ilse Watkins

Jessica Todd 

Kathryn Jacinto 

Katlyn Cooper

Kelsey Brown, Village Fabric Shop 

Margart Scavo

Mary Ellen, CWS Greensboro

Molly McNair 

Mona Wu

Nicole Asselin, Village Fabric Shop 

Raven Scott 

Sarah Raynor

Sean Bueter 

Shannon Downey, Badass Cross Stitch

Spring Duvall 

Stephanie Flores de Valgaz

Vanessa Horan

On October 10th, 19 community members came together at Village Fabric Shop to embroidery quilt squares with the theme of Welcome. Mary Ellen, the Community Coordinator from CWS Greensboro, joined to share about how their organization is working with new Afghan Refugees to the triad. Shannon Downey of Badass Cross Stitch taught new embroiderers how to stitch. Everyone stitched a square with the prompt ‘what does welcome mean to you?’ Over the following week we collected all the squares and stitched them together at Village Fabric Shop. We then handed it over to Carrie Hauser of Lovebug Longarming to quilt it. It came back to Village Fabric Shop to have a binding sewn on and displayed to raise funds for new Afghan community members and as a reminder to welcome people with open arms. 

The quilt pattern is the Crest Quilt designed by Alderwood Studio, It is 100% cotton, including organic cotton, and American grown and milled cotton. The back is Grey Speckled by Ruby Star Society.






Quilt is approximently 58"x73"